Music speaks to the deepest emotional parts of us. It is used in therapy. Young at Heart Project improves upon this by bringing the music of former times to adults. The music reawakens personal and historical memories related to the era when it was popular, allowing our elderly citizens to actively reminisce in a healthy fashion. The reminiscing itself is a form of cognitive stimulation identified by psychological research as being critically important for the mental capacities of the elderly.

Robert J. Moretti, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine


Since 1985, Young at Heart Project has entertained over 100,000 seniors in senior and day care centers and skilled nursing, convalescent, memory disorder, Alzheimer's, and residential community facilities throughout Santa Clara, Monterey, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz counties.

YAHP offers the healing power of music to the confined and often ignored elderly within our senior community. The latest scientific research now supports what we have known from the beginning — music feeds our minds and souls and has a direct and immediate positive impact on our bodies. Healthier seniors means decreased healthcare costs, as well.YAHP should be part of every senior wellness program.

YAHP does this by tapping top talent, producing live shows that bring professional musicians directly to seniors in convalescent, day care, skilled nursing, assisted living, memory disorder, Alzheimer’s and residential community facilities.

YAHP musicians perform chart-topping favorites from past eras in Jazz, Folk, Swing, Standards and Broadway show tune genres.

YAHP provides a cognitive stimulation for the elderly by playing the music first enjoyed when the seniors were in their prime of life—experts link this connection to mental and emotional well-being.

YAHP is recognized as a national model by the National Endowment of the Arts and the National Council on Aging. Founder Sean Seman has testified before Congress.

YAHP is expanding its services in Santa Clara county, home of the 10th largest city in the nation: San Jose, CA. We are also proud to introduce our newest chapter, Young at Heart Illinois.

Please donate to show your support for this vital program and bring it to more confined elderly. Together, we can “raise the bar” for our seniors and show we care by giving them the gift of song through Young at Heart Project.

Young at Heart extends special thanks to the Harden, Knight, Jean & E. Floyd Kvamme Foundations as well as Valley Hearing Center, Jim and Margaret Magill, Nancy and Allan Miner, Jonathan Adelstein, Bruce and Tricia Brodie, Eve Majure, John Hannegan, Keith Holland, Marilyn Manning, Sean Seman and Elizabeth Mullen Seman, Penny Hanna and all others whose support we have received. (If we have left anyone out, please let us know!)